Ocean Wave Watercolor Shadbolt TAS Painting Day 8 Final 1 Of 1-1 {Mar 7 2018}

This is a demo I did at the Shadbolt Center at “Tony’s Art School” today. I still have to do the finishing detail touches,


I worked as a draftsman long ago. One of the techniques draftsmen learn is to apply a systematic ‘hierarchy of lineweights’ to enhance and clarify their drawings. Every draftsman learns to do this. It is important because it adds clarity and a kind of richness to drawings. You can also see it at work in comic books and skilled illustration of all kinds. There are probably several different systems for deciding on lineweights.  Here is mine.  I am showing it in a very simple way, but like a lot of seemingly simple things, it adds more than you would think.

CEDR 162: Perspective Drawing at Emily Carr Continuing Studies, Weekends

CEDR 162: Perspective Drawing

This course is essential for artists, designers, illustrators and animators who wish to create convincing images of form, depth and space. Regardless of the form you work in, you will improve the impact of your work with an understanding of this powerful drawing technique. You will be guided through step-by-step exercises, moving from rough layout sketches to more carefully proportioned images of world architecture, vehicles and the human form.



July 16 2016, Arch Basics – In class discussion focused on the following:

July 16 2016, Arch Basics  In class discussion focused on the following:

1 – CONCEPT – Restate your concept and check that it has influence on the ‘plan’, not just the exterior ‘look’ or style.

2 –EXTERIOR SPACES –  Identify the potential for courtyards, entry points, outdoor seating and walkways resulting from the plan form, the hard and soft landscape.

3 – CIRCULATION –  Trace over your block diagram and then draw the plan to scale 1:200. Identify the circulation patterns/elements within the building.

Each person should have their plan drawn up for next class to keep the schedule. If you can also work on the section it would be valuable. We need to develop these and try to draw a 3d view in the next class.


Orthographic Plan, Elev & 3d Paralines (1 of 3) Jul 22 2015

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