I worked as a draftsman long ago. One of the techniques draftsmen learn is to apply a systematic ‘hierarchy of lineweights’ to enhance and clarify their drawings. Every draftsman learns to do this. It is important because it adds clarity and a kind of richness to drawings. You can also see it at work in comic books and skilled illustration of all kinds. There are probably several different systems for deciding on lineweights.  Here is mine.  I am showing it in a very simple way, but like a lot of seemingly simple things, it adds more than you would think.

2 thoughts on “LINEWEIGHTS (2016)”

  1. Wonderful video! I was at your demo at Opus this afternoon and really enjoyed it. Thank you for generously posting all of this content! I’m looking forward to working my way through it. I used to draw a lot as a teenager but received very little formal education. Now coming back to an art practise after many years away I’m so thankful for the wealth of information and instruction that can be found online!

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