Perspective Drawing

Emily Carr University Continuing Studies

Online CEDR 102 F001
Oct. 13 to Dec. 1, 2020
TUESDAYS 6:30pm to 9:30pm
8 Sessions @ 3 hours

Perspective Drawing

This course is essential for artists, designers, illustrators and animators of all fields who wish to create convincing images of form, depth and space. Regardless of the art form you work in, you will improve the impact of your work with an understanding of this important and powerful drawing technique.

You will be guided through step-by-step exercises, moving from rough layout sketches to more carefully proportioned images of world architecture, objects and the human form.

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Tony O’Regan

Rotate Objects from any viewpoint

Being able to draw simple boxes from any angle is important as a prelude to drawing more complex objects from any angle you wish. These 3 videos should help to review this idea (ignore the imbedded titles as they are part of a longer series on perspective):

My applications to a Masters of Landscape Architecture

Hi Tony,

I would like to share the news with you about my applications to a masters of landscape architecture. I was offered admission to the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia and the University of Guelph, with generous entrance scholarships for each. I would like to thank you for advising me with my project in architectural modelling class and for all of your advice on portfolios and letters of intent. A substantial part of my portfolio consisted of pieces from your perspective drawing and architectural modelling classes. I’m sure that your suggestions and the skills you taught me helped to strengthen my submission.

Kind regards, E.