My applications to a Masters of Landscape Architecture

Hi Tony,

I would like to share the news with you about my applications to a masters of landscape architecture. I was offered admission to the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia and the University of Guelph, with generous entrance scholarships for each. I would like to thank you for advising me with my project in architectural modelling class and for all of your advice on portfolios and letters of intent. A substantial part of my portfolio consisted of pieces from your perspective drawing and architectural modelling classes. I’m sure that your suggestions and the skills you taught me helped to strengthen my submission.

Kind regards, E.

Thank you K.G. – Teachers love to hear from appreciative students. Good Luck!

Hi Tony,

Thank you so much for your reference letter. I received the offer from UBC
Environmental Design Program!  Your courses really helped with my portfolio. Especially the museum  project, it made my portfolio stronger and more complete.  Additionally, remember you persuaded me from quitting the application last time we met in the hallway? You have no idea know how much I appreciate that.
Best,  K.G.

CEDR 162: Perspective Drawing at Emily Carr Continuing Studies, Weekends

CEDR 162: Perspective Drawing

This course is essential for artists, designers, illustrators and animators who wish to create convincing images of form, depth and space. Regardless of the form you work in, you will improve the impact of your work with an understanding of this powerful drawing technique. You will be guided through step-by-step exercises, moving from rough layout sketches to more carefully proportioned images of world architecture, vehicles and the human form.


July 16 2016, Arch Basics – In class discussion focused on the following:

July 16 2016, Arch Basics  In class discussion focused on the following:

1 – CONCEPT – Restate your concept and check that it has influence on the ‘plan’, not just the exterior ‘look’ or style.

2 –EXTERIOR SPACES –  Identify the potential for courtyards, entry points, outdoor seating and walkways resulting from the plan form, the hard and soft landscape.

3 – CIRCULATION –  Trace over your block diagram and then draw the plan to scale 1:200. Identify the circulation patterns/elements within the building.

Each person should have their plan drawn up for next class to keep the schedule. If you can also work on the section it would be valuable. We need to develop these and try to draw a 3d view in the next class.


Architecture & Model Making for Teens Up & the Young at Art

Architecture & Model Making for Teens Up & the Young at Art

Summer 2016  – Shadbolt Center Burnaby BC (15 and up, way up) August 2nd to 5th   (10:00-3:00) (4 days)

IMG_9495 IMG_9497 IMG_9494 IMG_9482 IMG_9476 IMG_9504

Teens and the young at art of any age learn some of the basic hands-on design studio skills for architecture. By collaborating with other students we will make a “city of the future”.  Students will sketch a plan, then construct their own individual building using glue-gun and foamcore, and place it in a streetscape with other buildings to be photographed. With an emphasis on fun and fantasy we will create a whimsical , imaginative futuristic metropolis (inspired by the classic movie “Metropolis”.). This intensive is ideal for students looking to build a portfolio for studies in architecture, urban design, animation or set design, and many other design occupations – or anyone who just likes the idea!


Instructor: Tony O’Regan, Master’s Degree Environmental Design (Architecture Specialty) and lots of other stuff.

Contact: Shadbolt Center for the Arts, Burnaby    Phone 604-291-6864

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