Architecture & Model Making for Teens Up & the Young at Art

Architecture & Model Making for Teens Up & the Young at Art

Summer 2016  – Shadbolt Center Burnaby BC (15 and up, way up) August 2nd to 5th   (10:00-3:00) (4 days)

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Teens and the young at art of any age learn some of the basic hands-on design studio skills for architecture. By collaborating with other students we will make a “city of the future”.  Students will sketch a plan, then construct their own individual building using glue-gun and foamcore, and place it in a streetscape with other buildings to be photographed. With an emphasis on fun and fantasy we will create a whimsical , imaginative futuristic metropolis (inspired by the classic movie “Metropolis”.). This intensive is ideal for students looking to build a portfolio for studies in architecture, urban design, animation or set design, and many other design occupations – or anyone who just likes the idea!


Instructor: Tony O’Regan, Master’s Degree Environmental Design (Architecture Specialty) and lots of other stuff.

Contact: Shadbolt Center for the Arts, Burnaby    Phone 604-291-6864

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