Drawing the Face and Figure – Shadbolt

8 Sessions, in-person, on-site in Shadbolt Studio, adult small group

Eight Friday Sessions: 10 am – 1 pm   October 8 to November 26

Registration code – 630438

Would you like to:

  • develop your knowledge of the human face and figure for artistic purposes?
  • learn to distinguish individual faces by studying the shapes of each feature-eyes, nose, mouth, etc.?
  • explore the human figure, with attention to proportion, shading and shadow construction using various drawing media?

Learn with Artist Tony O’Regan in the Shadbolt Studio.

*A live model is included for four of the eight sessions.

Fees: adult $244.40 seniors $185.52

Register with WebReg:

Marianne Otterstrom – Fine & Performing Arts Programmer – Visual Arts
Phone: 604-205-3014
Email: marianne.otterstrom@burnaby.ca

Girl with a Pearl – Studying from the Masters

Ruskin said something like “You haven’t really seen a thing until you have drawn it”.  Very true. I sometimes do sketches from the masters. Here is my sketch from Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earing.  No originality here on my part, but doing an accurate sketch of this sort of subject brings one to learn and understand much more deeply than merely viewing the image. You notice a lot more, such as the overall structure, the skew in the lips, the eye covered partly by the nose, the graphic of the eyes, the modeling of the eye socket bone,  the subtlety of the eyebrows, the open spaces between the marks. I don’t mind saying it took quite a while to get it this far – but worth it as a learning exercise.

Drawing The Face Semiahmoo Arts (for Ozzie & Ellen) Vid 1 of 6 {Dec 11 2017}

This is a 6 video demo series on Drawing the Face. It is about 2.5 hours long overall. It is a good intro, once over lightly. Best to start with video 2 of 6. Video 1 is just an overview that needs some editing and there is a problem with the link , anyway.

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