Drawing The Face Semiahmoo Arts (for Ozzie & Ellen) Vid 1 of 6 {Dec 11 2017}

This is a 6 video demo series on Drawing the Face. It is about 2.5 hours long overall. It is a good intro, once over lightly. Best to start with video 2 of 6. Video 1 is just an overview that needs some editing and there is a problem with the link , anyway.


I often use rubber resist applied with a brush for watercolors. I used these cheapo brushes for a class and usually would have rubbed soap into them before using to extend life, but this time I didn’t. I would normally give up and throw these brushes away. I know it’s not ‘world peace’ or a ‘cure for disease’ , BUT… I read on the web that someone had success in cleaning rubber resist from brushes with Vaseline. I tried it and I am very pleased to report that it works!  Just immerse the destroyed brushes in ordinary Vaseline. Leave overnight. Clean off with soap and/or , as I did with rubbing alcohol, and voila!  Actually, I repeated it twice, partly because I couldn’t believe it the first time. Try it – you’ll like it!  While they don’t look perfect, they are actually quite pliable and usable!

Drawing Boats & Ships Day 1 – TAS, 1 OF 2 {Oct 4 2017}

Since we live on the coast we need to have ways of drawing boats. Drawing boats can be tricky because they involve ‘compound curves’. This means that traditional linear perspective needs a little help from some other concepts. Here is the way I approach it: I use the ‘infinity sign’ method if the boats are close to eye-level, the ‘leaf’ method if the viewer is above the boats, and the ‘beak’method if the boat is coming directly at the viewer, such as on a beach tide-line.