Painting European Street Scenes

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2 Online Painting Courses – Winter 2020

During the holiday season I will be instructing two online courses (5 sessions each) with Semiahmoo Art Society.

Great gifts for yourself or a friend!

Painting A European Street Scene

Five Sunday Classes, starting December 20 (2pm – 4pm), $84

Paint the much-loved streets of Europe in acrylic. Learn to employ perspective, scale figures, light and shadow, composition, color, etc.  – all the elements needed to depict the urban charm and activities in these attractive locales. The demos are mainly in acrylic, although Tony’s principles can be applied to the depiction of street scenes across all media!  Sessions are recorded for later re-viewing.

Painting A Coastal Scene

Five Saturday Classes, starting December 19 (2pm – 4pm), $84

Learn to paint our amazing coast in acrylics. Study rock forms, cliffs, trees, light and shadow, water, driftwood, etc.- all the elements that make a coastal painting. Though the painting demonstration will be primarily done in acrylic on canvas (or paper), The demos are mainly in acrylic, although Tony’s principles can be applied to the depiction of the coast across all media!  Sessions are recorded for later re-viewing.

Drawing The Face Semiahmoo Arts (for Ozzie & Ellen) Vid 1 of 6 {Dec 11 2017}

This is a 6 video demo series on Drawing the Face. It is about 2.5 hours long overall. It is a good intro, once over lightly. Best to start with video 2 of 6. Video 1 is just an overview that needs some editing and there is a problem with the link , anyway.