“Art School Wednesdays” – Painting at the Shadbolt

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Shadbolt “Art School Wednesdays” – Painting
Learn the most important aspects of painting in watercolour or acrylic (your choice); build skills and techniques to support your artistic development. A curriculum based class offering a wealth of knowledge through detailed demonstrations, clear instruction, online lesson access to Tony’s videos and individual attention.

Instructor: Tony O’Regan, ME Des

(2 Alternatives – Choose either Morning or Afternoon sessions)

Wednesday Mornings
10 am – 1 pm
Oct 7 through Dec 2  2020
Barcode:    548269
Studio 106   – 8 people max
Shadbolt Center for the Arts

Wednesday Afternoons:
2:00 pm – 5:00pm
Oct 7 through Dec 2  2020
Barcode:    548270
Studio 106  – 8 people max
Shadbolt Center for the Arts

The Shapes of Water – Painting

Sorry – CLASS is FULL

Shadbolt Center for the Arts, Burnaby BC

The Shapes of Water – Painting  

 Study the many shapes of water through colour, reflections, distortions, and transparency – ocean waves, lakes, streams and waterfalls. Understanding the beauty of water elements will bring confidence and credibility to your paintings – watercolour and acrylics welcome. Clearly demonstrated and backed up by the instructor’s video website.

Students with some basic painting experience will benefit most. Instructor: Tony O’Regan, ME Des

 Two-day course on Wednesdays, 10 am – 3 pm
Dec. 9  and  Dec. 16 Barcode:    539905
Studio 106


A very useful perception to add to your mental toolkit for painting is the ability to see COLOR AS TONE’.  (‘Tone” can also be called tonal value, value, light-dark on gray scale) . The ‘lights’,  or light tones, create piccolo sparkle, ‘mids’ create violin richness/sublety, ‘darks’ create tuba gravitas.  Deduct the lights and you have somber/moody. Deduct the mids and you have a kind of annunciation, readable from afar, but not all that interesting up close. Deduct the darks and you have ‘ethereal’, pixies dancing at twilight. Together and they give a full orchestra – but there is still the problem of ‘dominance’ – equal amounts of piccolo, violin and tuba are boring.

Just Finished Panorama

This is a panoramic mural in five 3 x 3′ wood panels, acrylic with inscriptions carved in acrylic modeling paste. Title and theme: “Haunted, We Are All Still Here”. Recalling the many incidents of ghostly encounters in the buildings at the Shadbolt Art Center in Burnaby, BC. It is on display at the Shadbolt now and for a few weeks. Top third is a panorama of the buildings on site; bottom third are eulogy inscriptions from the 1800’s by well known poets, such as Poe, Longfellow, etc; Middle third are fanciful figures likely to have enjoyed cultural events on site during the past century (and who are possibly still there, who knows?). The colors are way off here and the heavily textured effect does not show due to flat fluorescent lighting. It’s on the Shadbolt website and looks a bit better there.



I did most of it during my ‘artist’s residency’ at the Shadbolt Center, Aug. 2018. I did some finishing touches and delivered it for display yesterday.

There will be a panel discussion on the Artist in Residence Program at The Shadbolt Center on March 14. If interested, check out this site:



Drawing – Tony’s Art School

Tony's Art School at Shadbolt

Shadbolt Center Burnaby Jan-Feb 2019
Tony´s Art School – Drawing –
City of Burnaby Webreg 487042

Ages: 18 Yrs. and over
– adult $184.60
– seniors $147.68

8 Wednesdays Jan-16-2019 10 AM – 1 pm PM (3 hrs)

Studio 106 – Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

Tony’s ‘Art School’ A curriculum-based class focusing on a wealth of knowledge through detailed demonstrations and clear instruction. Build tools to heighten your artistic abilities in drawing and painting. Returning students welcome.Tony’s ‘Art School’ – Drawing: Concentrate on perspective, line, composition, tone, shade and shadow using dry and wet media. Instructor: Tony O’Regan.

We are all still here…

For the month of August, 2018, I was ‘Artist in Residence’ at the Shadbolt Center for the Arts, Burnaby BC.  I created a 15 foot by 3 foot painting on five wood panels. The theme was derived from the many reported ghost sightings in the buildings on the Deer Lake site.  It will be on view at the Burnaby Art Gallery-Ceperley house in Feb 2019. Along the top is a panorama of the buildings. Along the bottom are carved eulogy inscriptions from 19th century poets. In the center are fanciful figures, a festival of spirits, from the many festive events that happened at the site during the past century – monks, nuns, dancers, pipers, performers, etc. At present there are more that 100 figures… This took about 1 month –  I may add more.


Turner, who Me?

I was invited to pose as Mr. Turner the British painter at the Shadbolt Center earlier this month and gave a lecture-workshop for 60-70 people. Drawing tall ships. Fun to be dressed in 19th century costume with top hat. Maybe the look will make a comeback.