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I worked as a draftsman long ago. One of the techniques draftsmen learn is to apply a systematic ‘hierarchy of lineweights’ to enhance and clarify their drawings. Every draftsman learns to do this. It is important because it adds clarity and a kind of richness to drawings. You can also see it at work in comic… Read More »


This is a series of 3 parts – videos showing an exercise aimed at gaining an understanding and a little practice in drawing “orthographics”, an important basic drawing tool for  creating plan/elevation/section for architectural drafting and design. The 3rd video also shows how to lift the plan into an axonometric, also called an “axo”, a… Read More »

DOODLEPLAN, Design Dwg. Orthographic Exercise 1 OF 2

This is a very particular, MUST HAVE,   “skill-set” for designers – the discourse between plan and elevation (and ultimately 3d axo). It’s ‘drafting’, and yet it’s more than that. It is something you can become very adept at even though you haven’t gone through a full design process. It’s a bit like becoming very… Read More »