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A very useful perception to add to your mental toolkit for painting is the ability to see COLOR AS TONE’.  (‘Tone” can also be called tonal value, value, light-dark on gray scale) . The ‘lights’,  or light tones, create piccolo sparkle, ‘mids’ create violin richness/sublety, ‘darks’ create tuba gravitas.  Deduct the lights and you have somber/moody. Deduct the… Read More »

Ecuad Cda & Persp Day 6 Entourage People Composing Groups In Streets (vid 2 of 4){april 3 2016}

Often you want to place figures and clusters of figures in an area like a street or plaza. This image shows how I think of it in terms of composition. Of course, you also want to think of  activities, such as walking to and fro or at angles, male, female, kids, walking away or toward the viewer, standing, sitting,… Read More »

Composition for Painting, Drawing, and other Aesthetic Endeavors

These notes usually accompany an illustrated lecture. These 4 vids under category “Teaching – EMILY CARR CURRENT CDA Fall 2015”    may also interest you: Day 7 CDA Ecuad Composition Drawing-Painting (1 Of 4) {Oct 31 2015} Day 7 CDA Ecuad Composition Drawing-Painting (2 Of 4) {Oct 31 2015} Day 7 CDA Ecuad Composition Drawing-Painting (3… Read More »

MAGIC CARPETS (No video yet)

I like to combine PShop and traditional mediums. In this case I did a very small, 5 inch, watercolour with acrylic ink mark-making on paper. I used my ‘tonal design ‘method. I scanned and used PShop to mirror, flip and repeat to get several designs. Beats the old fold-the-paper-in-half-and-press technique. Here is the 5″ original with… Read More »

GESTURE AND MODELLING STUDIES (click photo title) – Portfolio Ideas

Quick studies, such as gesture and modelling (shading), can be effective in portfolios. They show an ability to be loose and free in your explorations and approach. Freedom in sketching can help personalize a portfolio which can tend to look a bit ‘cold and rigid’. As above, try using a variety of photoshop conversions and… Read More »

Ten Ways of Seeing and Drawing STILL PIX- EXAMPLES (Mar 15 2015) Click title for pics

 This is pretty much the backbone of my own artistic learning, practicing, and teaching methods, as regards drawing. Of course, it also works into painting, design, etc: Think of drawing as being comprised of 10 distinct perceptual filters, abilities, or ways of seeing. (Long ago I read a very famous book called “Zen of Seeing,… Read More »

Drawing as a Martial Art

While teaching a group of City Planners to draw at SFU one summer I happened to say that learning to draw was a bit like learning a Martial Art… “You practice the individual skills which are quite simple and repetitive and eventually put them together into useful sequences.”   One participant observed that…”Drawing was in fact… Read More »