“Truly the best tutorial website I’ve ever seen!” (Thank you G.F. !)

Dear Tony:

First, a very Happy New Year!  (Jan 2016)

In addition to seasonal good wishes, however, I’m writing in particular to send sincerest thanks for your very kind words and sympathetic assessment following my participation in your Fall semester perspective drawing class – really, I was quite blown away!  In my entire school career (which at this point is getting pretty long in the tooth) I’ve truly never achieved any such distinction.  Of course, no matter how late in the day, it’s hugely welcome, more than I can say.

But you know Tony, gratified as I am to have been rated so well, I have to say that my success is in fact as much your own.

When I registered for the class, I knew nothing about the rules of perspective, at least from any technical point of view.  I feared that it would be at best dry as can be, and at worst complicated and technical beyond hope of understanding.  As it turned out, your own carefully prepared structure, and absolutely excellent instruction style put such misgivings to rest.  Everything was presented so lucidly and straightforwardly, that even a novice like myself could readily grasp the essences, and it made working on the assignments a pleasure.

Better yet, I so much appreciated your emphasis that perspective techniques, while not in themselves productive of art, nonetheless leave ample room for the creative realm and personal interpretation.  The upshot is that you’ve provided us with a fantastic range of tools which, far from being narrow and restrictive, are in fact liberating and supportive of any number of creative approaches.  I was thrilled to have my preconceptions straightened out, and my eye strengthened – all the time now, I spot the use of perspective in graphics and visual presentations, it’s so satisfying!

In short, I thank you most warmly for your teaching skill, careful preparation, outstanding online support, and engaging friendly style – and not least, endless tips and guidance from the deep ocean of your professional experience.

Sincerely Tony, I do feel that your class has been one of the most enlightening and valuable, certainly in the Certificate program.  In fact (and I hope you won’t hold this against me) in my class appraisal I suggested to the administrators that your class should be required for every first year fine art, and creative drawing class.  True, I forgot to ask them to increase your pay at the same time, but I’m confident the enhanced quality of Em Carr graduates will be compensation in itself!  Largely….

Again, super best wishes for 2016, and sincerest thanks for your class and your kindness.

Please by all means post on the website, however works for you!  And I’ll be happy to enjoy your videos, truly it’s the best tutorial website I’ve ever seen, and deserves to be recognised!

Sincere best, G.F.


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