Accepted to 3 Architecture Grad Schools (click title)

This is why people teach! We love hearing that our students have used our classes to achieve their personal  goals. A recent ECUAD Continuing Studies student consented to  publish her email here. Note that she applied to several schools. You pretty much have to do that these days – it’s getting so competitive:

Hello Tony!
After one week of grad school admission blitz, the results are in and I thought that you should be the first to know. The entire process was rather exciting and somewhat agonizing, but rest  assured I’ve gotten in the university of my choice. I’ve been  granted admission from the following universities::
University of Calgary, Architecture
University of Manitoba, Landscape Architecture
University of Toronto, Landscape Architecture

I’ve accepted the offer and will be attending the Landscape Architecture Program at the University of Toronto. Thank you for supporting my quest. I couldn’t have done it without your help. As I embark onto a new journey, I’ll continue to put what you’ve taught me to new heights.    Thank you again, let’s keep in touch.  Julie W.

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