Letters of Intent – Architecture School (Tap-click title)

Most Design Programs will ask for a Letter of Intent. You might want to say something like this:

1 – I am young and idealistic. I am interested and optimistic about committing my life to making a difference in the built environment, as a close acquaintance who is an architect has done.  I believe that the most important factor in design is the humanistic service that it can render to the people who will live with it and the environment in which we all exist.  I know that I have a lot to learn, but I am looking forward to focusing my studies. FLESH THIS OUT IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

2 – I like the interdisciplinary approach, which I think your program offers, to the complex problems of the  world. I have tried to develop my skills and analytical skills by doing appropriate studies and projects, some of which are in my portfolio. FLESH THIS OUT

3 – I have researched your program and It is clear to me that your program of studies offers an excellent opportunity for me to develop myself toward the goal of being a skilled, socially and environmentally responsible  designer. I have enquired about your program among some designers. I know that your program offers the resources I am looking for. FLESH THIS OUT

4 – I fully realize that I have a long journey ahead, but I am earnestly hoping that you will give me the opportunity to develop my potential by studying in your faculty.

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