Nice Feedback! Thank you G.F. !

Tony O’Regan teaches techniques of drawing and painting which are user friendly and can be easily incorporated in the artist’s tool box of techniques, helpful for broadening creative expression. Tony’s Art School has empowered me in artist expression through his instruction of the fundamentals in drawing and painting. The techniques demonstrated and practiced in class are useful to the beginning and experienced artist alike. Tony O’Regan combines his teaching of drawing and painting fundamentals with relevant and interesting anecdotes which help bring his concepts life and color. The emerging and experienced artist alike can expect to add many new techniques for creative expression from Tony’s class to their tool box of necessary skills.

One thought on “Nice Feedback! Thank you G.F. !”

  1. Hello Tony,
    Good Afternoon!
    I was one of your students last year & wanted to know if you are taking in classes in acrylic or pencil/pen format in Shadbolt or on your own
    Please let me know
    Have a nice day!

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