I have been doing a lot of experimenting with gum arabic and watercolor on paper. I started doing it when I had some fun scraping out acrylic paint with white vinyl erasers. This didn’t work well with watercolor, however, I found that using gum arabic and credit card plastic as scraping tools DID work.

Gum arabic is the glue already in watercolor. It can be:

1- applied directly to the paper (spritz paper first) and allowed to dry, then painted on.

2 – applied and painted on while still wet.

3 – mixed with watercolor, with or without 1 & 2 above.

Any of these measures allows for scrape-outs, lift-outs and more brilliant color, because the pigment sits ON the surface vs soaking in as usual.

The % mixed with water matters. I found that 25-50% solution works best without becoming glossy or cracking (those are the downsides.)

It’s not for everyone and requires a lot of experimenting, but I find it fun and it extends what you can do with watercolor.

HANDOUT FOR TAS - cindy's exercise_edited-2 BEST COLOUR TEST 50%

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