Eraser -ism Aspens Done for Art-Slam Charity Fundraiser Feb 12, 2017

Eraser -ism Aspens done for Artslam Semiahmoo Arts Charity Fundraiser Feb 12, 2017 – Done in 20 minutes each as part of a competition ‘paint-off’. Used white vinyl erasers to scrape out aspens. FUN AND QUICK. Because there were rules to the competition, I could not do a titanium white underpainting as per usual. So I painted direct on the primed canvas. This causes some ‘ghosting’ of the earlier horizontal background layers (not unattractive)  which could not be scraped off thoroughly, as would be the case with a slick titanium white under layer.  I have several video demos on this. Search for “Aspens” in search box.

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