3 thoughts on “SSWR night 3, May 7 – PERSP. SCALE FIGURES -‘CLOTHESLINE AND MEASURING WALL’ 15 min (click-tap Video title)

  1. Michael Mayer

    Looks great, Tony. Your video is well done, easy to follow and the audio is clear. I assume there is only the one video so far? I am already planning to use the current one in class using a SMART board with my Gr 7s. It would make an excellent lesson. I can easily see where I could take it to a further step and I’m sure the kids would love the “magic” if perspective.

  2. Michael Mayer

    How about a video on colour mixing?

    Tone in portraiture?

    Hands and feet?

  3. Michael Mayer

    One more video idea….how about demo-ing some simple (15min?) landscapes in watercolor. Similar to your advice with people I.e., “you’re not doing art but developing a technique” develop the same concept with landscapes.


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