‘Eraser -ism’ Rocky Cliff Cove 2 OF 4 Sky {TAS Apr 28 2016}

By | June 5, 2016

A few points- Wear protective gloves because your hands are in the paint vs using regular brushes with handles.

1 – The under-painting is important so think about which colors you want, but be creative – the colors in video are kind of dull.

2 – Don’t use medium in the under-painting or the second layer will tend to lock down too quickly when you try to erase through.

3 – Keep ‘spritzing’ with water before, during and after.

4 – I like white vinyl erasers best for this. You can slice and shape them, half-cut and tear them. I like the ‘rubbery-feel’ vinyl erasers give. This can also be done with cut credit cards, but with a different feel during execution. Try both!

I love doing this and try to get a ‘geological’ effect. Later, you build up glazes of blue-green-white in the water but aim for some transparency by lifting some blue glaze areas with wet paper towel to reveal warm-ish underwater rocks. I also do some more cool glazing over the cliff faces to push parts back in space. – Also see “Eraser Aspens” post .  (This technique can be done in watercolour by first coating the paper with a 50% gum arabic and water solution to ‘seal the paper’ and allow lift outs, but credit card fragments work better than erasers for WC on paper.)

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