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Gesture Drawing – Make your own Human Figure Manikin

Seeing-Drawing the ‘gesture’ is a fundamental skill in being able to draw a human figure. I teach drawing at Emily Carr and elsewhere and developed a sequence for correctly scaling a gesture so as not to ‘go off the page” in life drawing. Here are some pix of an 11 inch aluminum wire sculpture armature… Read More »

Manikin Head and Figure Construction(3 Vids)

Here are 3 vids on constructing the ‘manikin head’ and ‘manikin figure’. The idea is to learn the simple construction at all angles; learn to construct the feature/anatomy groups; map the feature/anatomy groups onto the manikin .  Eventually, these constructions become instinctual and more emphasis is placed on the shading, light and shadow patterns that indicate masses,… Read More »


I will be attaching more videos to this Category as the Emily Carr University course progresses. You can also  view the vids in category:  FACE AND FIGURE,  or use the search box at the top of the main page. A FEW WORDS OF ADVICE IN STUDYING FACE & FIGURE    from Tony O’Regan­­­­ We are all “Students”.… Read More »

Faces, Scale Figures & Perspective for Life Drawing (5 videos) {Nov 2016}

There are two main ways of approaching the figure. They complement each other. One is OBSERVATION (Life drawing or copying reference photos). The other is CONSTRUCTION  (Using scale and proportion methods to create a figure with little or no references). The two can and should be used together for a full skillset. Both depend on  the… Read More »