UBC Garden Design 2014, Hard Landscape Assignments 2 and 3 (Click title to view all)

-Students please note the two images:   The first is a ‘sample board’ produced by a student in a prior  year. This sample was handed out in the last weekend and I am wanting to make sure that everyone has it, as there were one or two who were not present at the time. It is  excellent work and the student was used to this type of thing.. It’s an example only. Yours does not have to be quite this elaborate. But do make an effort. It will be graded.

The second image is a very rough sketch denoting the drawing types typically needed for the ‘garden element’ assignment, a pond in the example.( Better quality expected, of course). We already discussed the assignment with each student to clarify what drawings are expected in your particular case, as they may differ according to your selected project. Expect they will be displayed in a pinup.  Anyone who neglected to have that crit with us last weekend due to absence please especially take note.  If you need further clarification, please email me at tony@tonyoregan.com. If you need to send images, please use toregan@ecuad.ca  which can take larger images. I check both daily.


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