ERASER – ISM , or in this case SCRAPER – ISM, paintings by Dianne Longson

We have had a lot of fun doing paintings by scraping out. With Acrylics we use a white vinyl eraser ( preparing the surface by under-painting with titanium white). With Watercolors we use a cut up credit card) preparing the surface by under-painting with gum arabic before painting). Tony O’

Hi Tony, you may recall I painted a successful Aspen grove with watercolour and gum Arabic as taught by you.
I came across these grasses lit by the sun and thought this subject worked well too.
Do I need to do some more touch up painting on the grasses that I made with a credit card? It was such fun doing.
Happy St Paddy’s Day to you from one of your followers.
Best, Dianne Longson
On Sun, 18 Mar 2018 11:51:27 -0700, Dianne Longson wrote: Thanks so much for the feedback. Of course, you may post it on your website with my full name. I am on Instagram(paintings only) as: dblongsonartist. My photography website needs to be updated to include paintings so not relevant at the moment. FYI – Your encouragement means a lot. Stay well, Dianne

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