Cut Flowers in the House of the Deity

A myth is a truth about our nature, often terrible,  which is easier to bear because it appears to be merely an imaginative tale told about others, far away in time, space or dimension.  I think of this as Mythic Space . I worked on a series of paintings called ‘Back to the Garden’ which took the Adam and Eve myth and played with it to include many ‘adams’ and many ‘eves’, who became flamenco dancers and bodybuilders (the epitomies of display, fierce and pathetic) blossoms that bloom and fall.  I put them in a vase among other cut flowers, iris and narcissus. I drew the ‘vases’, Doric, ionic and Corinthian, in line form and the whole image then seemed to exist in a kind of ‘mythic space’, real and unreal at the same time. After all, we are but ‘cut flowers’ in the House of the Deity. And a painting is a window in that House.

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