Creative Drawing and Architecture

Emily Carr University

Emily Carr University Continuing Studies
Online CEDR 163      F001
Oct. 22 to Dec. 10,  2020
THURSDAYS 6:30pm to 9:30pm
8 Sessions @ 3 hours

Creative Drawing and Architecture

This structured, high-energy course develops your basic to intermediate drawing and sketching skills.  Exercises and projects lead to understanding and applying perspective drawing, sketch concepts, including the “figure-ground” concept, and compositional strategies.  A variety of creative freehand techniques develop your approach to architectural and figurative drawing.  Class work includes some drawing of the human figure for scale and context.

Drawing Architecture is a special category within the subject of drawing.  Treating architectural subjects creatively requires an awareness of architectural ideas, as well as knowledge of the various ‘ways of seeing’ and the drawing types related to them. Participants will go through Ten Ways of Seeing and Drawing (gesture, contour, mass, space, tonality, silhouette, figure-ground, light-shadow, perspective, composition) and learn to utilize them with architectural subjects.

The goal is to be able to draw ‘creatively’ by using these modes as a photographer might layer filters to make more inspired images. This course is of value to anyone interested in drawing architecture, whether as part of an art form in itself, as an aid to design or as portfolio preparation for application to design programs, such as architecture, planning or interior design programs, etc. We will study buildings and spaces, both interior and urban, ancient and contemporary.

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