Here is a happy letter I just received from a recent high school grad’s dad (and honors to you for supporting your daughter, sir). If you have a great GPA, good references,  and do a good job on your portfolio very good things can happen. This student got multiple offers right away. BUT – if you don’t have all your academic ducks in a row – it’s even more important to work on that portfolio!!! If you really want in – never rule yourself out – apply, demand feedback, apply again!  In my own case, my academics were uneven because I didn’t know what I wanted to do – but later on I made sure I had a formidable portfolio.

‘Hi Tony – Hope everything goes well with you. (My daughter) learned drawing in your studio last summer. She is going to accept an offer from Architecture Univ. of Waterloo. She  got offers from McGill, UBC, and Waterloo. She did a good job in her secondary studies. – Thank you for your help  (Student’s Dad).’

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