One thought on “Architecture Portfolio Example (Tap-click title)”

  1. Hello all,

    I’m glad that you’ve taken the time to check out Tony’s site! This link brings you to my portfolio . A good portion of the architectural design work was lead by Tony.

    Originally, I was educated in the field of Fine Arts. A lot of that “emotional” visual art took place in the early going, but I knew I wanted to pursue a career in architecture from a pretty early age. After completing a degree in visual arts (2008), I completed another degree at McGill (2012), but found that McGill’s approach was extremely theoretical, almost to the point of being limiting. Tony’s approach is fresh! I was able to look at architecture with a critical eye, but to use the techniques that were familiar to me. Through Tony’s approach, I feel that the two fields have met somewhere in the middle. Turns out, you can be accurate and expressive.

    (View portfolio at Enjoy,

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