Architecture and Environmental Design Portfolios

Many design schools are adding on-line examples of successful entrance portfolios. This is great, because many people are mystified by the requirement for a portfolio. BUT – Keep in mind that schools would be likely to show only the BEST examples, so don’t be too intimidated. By the same token it can be enlightening to look at the projects categories and get an idea of the breadth and depth that some of your competition can display.  Also keep in mind that the portfolio is only one factor in your application. Try to include some space planning, graphics, and 3D work. Try to think outside the box – they are not looking for mechanical pieces. Be creative. Check the other entries I have included under ‘portfolios’.  Read the prospectus of the school in question and try to discern their ‘values’, such as ‘sustainable design’.  Also, google some phrases such as  ‘ portfolios for admission to (univ name)…’ or

Examples of Successful Portfolios:

Check this link out:

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