Accepted Carleton Architecture! Congrats…(click title)

(If you follow this link you will find many examples of architecture and other portfolios.)

Hello Tony,    This is Guillermo. I was enrolled in 3 of your courses at Emily Carr in the fall term, I would like to thank you for helping me develop my skills in architecture.  I received my letter of acceptance from Carleton University School of Architecture. For the last months I developed a Portfolio in which I included some art pieces we did in the classroom. I also included the model of the 15 story building we made in the modeling class, (well I made it at my home, but I couldnt have completed it without your guidance). Your website is fabulous it helped me out a lot to create an idea of what a portfolio should look like. I would be pleased if you take a look at mine at this link. If you have any ideas on how I can improve it please let me know. I would appreciate it a lot! I would be pleased if you put it up in your website, thank you again!     Guillermo

 – Congrats Guillermo, I am very happy you were successful getting into Architecture At Carleton. Looking at your portfolio, I honestly would not change anything. It looks casual, but organized. That’s the perfect message for a school audience. “Too clever is dumb.” Your highrise looks good and shows you can do 3D stuff. Perfect. Congratulations and best of luck. Stay in touch and give me your impressions of the school after your beginning year is over. You are justifiably proud of your work and your acceptance…Tony O’

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