5 – Tonal Design Concept

2D Shape:   The positive 2D silhouette-shape is like the flat shape of a leaf or cloud or its shadow (this shape usually seems to be the subject and often has a name, like”leaf”). The negative 2D silhouette-shape is just the shape between leaves or clouds (between the main subjects and usually has no particular name).  Positive Shapes and negative Shapes are equal partners in 2D perception.

Silhouette and Tonal Abstraction exercise   – Tonality  Continued (Video 4 of 8)

2d Shape Asssignment: use 5 images (your own nor those provided), create an analysis of positive and , more importantly negative 2d shapes. For example draw the shape of several leaves as a shaded toe. Then draw the shaded shape of the space between the leaves. The purpose is to improve your perception of positive and negative flat, 2D shapes, also called “Silhouettes”.

Figure Ground:   Introducing the concept of ‘figure-ground, a shape or object has 3 main ways to contrast with the background using tone only: The shape can be darker than it’s background, lighter than its background or transitional (part is darker and part is lighter). The ‘transitional’ is also called a “figure-ground reversal”. You take control of this and you can draw any subject or situation in one of these three ways. All three can even happen together in a single drawing.


Stepped Tonality Abstraction-1

This video again shows the Tonal Abstraction, but takes it into face, still-life, landscape and building.
Silhouette and Tonal Abstraction exercise  – Tonality  Continued (Video 4 of 8)

Here are  3 more videos showing the Tonal Concept – a way of thinking about drawing which can also be applied to painting. This is shown as an abstract image, but the same principle can be used for representational images.  It is strongly recommended to watch video 1 of 3 – the other two are optional to see how the “grisaille”  can be used to move into color. A “grisaille” is a term used for a monochrome image, often in grays, that can be used to plan or as an under-painting for a color painting of any subject. Historically, grisaille underpaintings were in grays, browns, blues, or even greens. Look up the term in google or wikipaedia.

Four Seasons (Winter) Tonal Concept

Four Seasons (Winter) Tonal Concept (Video 2 of 3)

Four Seasons (Winter) Tonal Concept (Video 3 of 3)

Download Images Resource Binder 5 PDF.

Session 5 Intro Drawing Online Presentation Tonal Concept VASE FIGURE GROUND (1 of 1) {July 28 2020}

This is a way of understanding, creating and critiquing the abstract design under any drawing or painting. It is not the only way, perhaps, but is the best way the author has found in 40 years of experience through thousands of drawings and paintings. If you follow it and practice it you will create strong compositions of any subject in any medium…you will have a method, a technique and a sequence that will allow efficient and effective execution, better than wandering aimlessly through a drawing process. All artists have a ‘method’. Learn this one and make it your own. It is described in the videos and on a concept sheet in the resources binder pdf for this session.

Session 5 Intro Drawing Online Presentation Tonal Concept ABSTRACT PRINCIPLE (1 of 4) {July 28 2020}

Session 5 Intro Drawing Online Presentation Tonal Concept FLORAL-SAILBOAT-FACE  DEMO EXAMPLES (2 OF 4) {July 28 2020}

Session 5 Intro Drawing Online Presentation Tonal Concept GUNDERSON SLOUGH PLUS INK TEXTURING (3 of 4) {July 28 2020}

Session 5 Intro Drawing Online Presentation Tonal Concept INK TEXTURES CLOSE-UP AT END (4 of 4) {July 28 2020}

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