Teaching and Demonstrating

Teaching and Demonstrating

August 5th, 2018
Opus, Granville Island

After graduating from art school (where no one demonstrated anything – no kidding!)  I took some drawing and painting classes with Canadian Painter (and War Artist) Sam Black. He was an awesome teacher.  In fact he won the Governor General’s Award for Teaching. At the center of his teaching method was the ‘demo’ . He had clear concepts – He could articulate and demonstrate them – he was fearless!

I decided THAT was worth doing and I have endeavored to emulate Sam for all my career. Here are some of my in-class demonstration pieces. The foundation for me is perspective drawing.

I will be giving a Demonstration on this subject at Opus Framing and Artist’s Materials on Granville Island in Vancouver, Sunday August 5 – this coming summer – 2018.

The focus will be travel-related images. Not so much about nostalgia for far away  places, but about the wonderful, often unfamiliar, forms you can encounter in places that grew over time and in different cultures – Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, and elsewhere.

Drawing – Winter 2018

The Shadbolt (Deer Lake, Burnaby ) likes to call this program: “Tony’s Art School”


8 Wednesday Mornings
January 17th to March 7th, 2018
10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Drawing with dry media and with pen and ink. This course will concentrate on perspective, drawing line, form and space, gesture, composition, shade and shadow.

Learn to use perspective and other techniques to draw buildings, landscape, vegetation, still-life, people and boats. Totally new projects each time the course runs, so take or retake this course to begin or refresh your skills.

This course is perfect for people who want to supplement their painting skills with some technical abilities and for people who just want to draw. Basic through intermediate.

All levels welcome.

Painting  – 8 Wednesday Afternoons, January 17th to March 7th, 2018, 1:30 – 4:00

The course will use both watercolour and/or acrylics. Choose one or try both. Everything is demonstrated and taught step-by step:

Part One –  will focus on painting projects that emphasize colour , tonality and design. Those with painting experience may use any preferred water-based medium (watercolour or acrylics). Those with little or no experience may prefer acrylics to begin with.

Part Two – will focus a little more on watercolour projects, though, if people prefer, they can continue with acrylics.  We will work on paintings emphasizing form and space, through colour, light and shadow.

We will paint still-life, villages, landscapes, mountains, lakes and streams. Totally new projects are explored each time the course runs, so take or retake this course to begin or refresh your skills. All levels are welcome.