By | August 4, 2015

Always use the ‘Category‘ tabs to the right (or below this on mobiles) to find your interest, such as, “Teaching – EMILY CARR CURRENT CDA” for Creative Drawing and Architecture, or “Teaching – EMILY CARR CURRENT PERSPECTIVE” for the Perspective for Art/Design course, or “Teaching – SHADBOLT CENTER” or “Teaching – THE GALLERY WHITE ROCK”, etc.  Note that all CDA and Perspective vids are now up, days 1 thru 6 – Days 5 & 6 are at the end because I couldn’t change the order for some reason, but all are now up).

You can always get back on track by clicking on these Category tabs to get back to the next video, as it’s possible to get lost, otherwise. Browse as you wish. Note: I will keep these videos together here for at least 4 months, then archive under Category “Emily Carr Archives”.  Those wishing to apply to Architecture Schools and other design programs should look at the category: “Architecture Portfolio Advice” for strategies and successful examples. Also check out my  “Workshops” page at the top for other things I am teaching.  Cheers  T

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