CDA Day 5 Of 8 SPACE HEAD 3 of 3 (feb 28 2015) click vid title

By | July 13, 2015

Antigonish” is an 1899 poem by American educator and poet Hughes Mearns. Check it and him out in Wiki. It is also known as “The Little Man Who Wasn’t There“, It is a very ambiguous, existential, ghostly and suggestive  phrase that has been used to inspire plays, lines in movies, a hit song, novels and lately a Coen Bros. movie. It also seemed to fit with an exercise that I use in my classes in drawing. Here we try to draw a head – without actually directly drawing the head, by working as if is a form under water and drawing the water, thus revealing the head through many ‘encounters’. I call it a ‘space drawing’, because we try to draw the space and thus reveal the head-form.  Sounds strange, but it builds the ability to see space as an actual, tangible substance, just as important as form. (Here I refer to 3D sculptural/architectural space-  counterpart of form, not the 2D space of negative flat shapes.)

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