The Fundamentals of Painting Water with Tony O’Regan –  FREE!

November 27, 2020

It will be via Zoom – To register – go to the OPUS website.


November 27th, 2020 at 1pm PST (1.5 hr demo)

In his demo, Tony O’Regan will lay out the many concepts needed in depicting the dynamic and reflective qualities of water. Through a series of live-painted examples, Tony will give his audience valuable insight into ways of capturing the mercurial nature of earth’s bodies of water. Tony’s thoughtfully explanation of the factors involved in capturing the light, shadow, and dynamics of an ocean wave, as well as his methods of rendering the necessary parts of a waterfall, will provide a wonderful foundation for both beginner and experienced water painters. Though the painting demonstration will be primarily done in acrylic on canvas (or paper), Tony’s principles can be applied to the depiction of water across all media!

Tony continues to create a collection of hundreds of his demonstrations and teaching videos at  (also known as ) as well as other useful content for artists, teachers, students and design school applicants.

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