Welcome to Tony O’Regan’s Perspective Drawing for Artists & Designers

Instructions for Participants:
Get your login credentials for from the instructor. Click the session titles below and log in when prompted. (Please change your password after you log in the first time.)

The titles designate descriptions and videos numbered for each school session, numbered 1 through 8. Watch the demonstration videos (below) provided for each session. Do the assignment or exercise at the end of each session.

Second Step: Exercises – Do the exercises related to each session. These are also detailed in Moodle and Bluejeans.

Third Step: Submit a SMALL jpeg of your exercise work each week to the instructor’s email address:

Fourth Step: Feedback will be emailed back to participants and issues  may be discussed in next class session.

Final marks will be based on completion of each assignment or exercise for each session. Each assignment is marked “complete-incomplete” and may have instructor comments. If you can’t submit by the date specified, let the instructor know by email:

These videos are the personal intellectual property of Tony O’Regan. You can watch the videos repeatedly for free within a set period. You can stream them, but not download due to copyrights. After the set period, your membership will be downgraded to a “Free Guest Member” and you will no longer be able to access this course content.

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