Watercolor Tutorial: STILL LAKE VISTA (Tap Title for Video) 25 min.

By | October 16, 2014

This is a demonstration of a typical watercolor with reflective lake surface and layered spaces. It is mainly tonal, with simple changes in color. It is done for teaching purposes. The learner level would be from serious beginner to intermediate skill level. Hope you find useful. It is 25 minutes in length . It is spead up 2.5 times, So it would have taken me approximately  1.5 hours to do in live time. Tyhe colors are very simple. I suggest that learners concentrate on becoming adept with a few colors, then expand your palette when you have some skill. I always suggest to people that they should see it as ‘learning a painting’, rather than ‘doing a painting’.  It’s like learning a piece of music. You have to develop the patience to practice and repeat. Then carry the skills forward to the next piece.  Have fun!.

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