TAS Painting, Snowy Hillside Barn WATERCOLOR START OF SESSION 2 (vid 1 of 6) {Mar 2 2016}

By | March 4, 2016

HI BRIDGED  & STACIA   (;-)   I took a drive through the mountains with my brother, John a few years ago and took the original photo in the Nelson, BC. area. There was yellow grass poking through the snow on hillsides and hummocks, hence the occasional yellow-orange colour…also I like what it does to contrast warm-cool.This was essentially a watercolour demo (a re-do of the original watercolour which I like better and  which is shown in the final post of this series – 6 of 6). But, to make things more complicated,  I was also demonstrating an acrylic version of the same painting in this session, jumping back and forth. That’s why the painting looks different from time to time – hope it’s  not too confusing. I didn’t finish the trees in the acrylic version(16 x 24 on canvas) – maybe sometime. By the way, the trees were put in using a speedball pen with calligraphy nib and watercolour (for the WC) and acrylic ink (for the ACRYLIC version.)

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