Just Finished Panorama

By | January 31, 2019

This is a panoramic mural in five 3 x 3′ wood panels, acrylic with inscriptions carved in acrylic modeling paste. Title and theme: “Haunted, We Are All Still Here”. Recalling the many incidents of ghostly encounters in the buildings at the Shadbolt Art Center in Burnaby, BC. It is on display at the Shadbolt now and for a few weeks. Top third is a panorama of the buildings on site; bottom third are eulogy inscriptions from the 1800’s by well known poets, such as Poe, Longfellow, etc; Middle third are fanciful figures likely to have enjoyed cultural events on site during the past century (and who are possibly still there, who knows?)

I did most of it during my ‘artist’s residency’ at the Shadbolt Center, Aug. 2018. I did some finishing touches and delivered it for display yesterday.

There will be a panel discussion on the Artist in Residence Program at The Shadbolt Center on March 14. If interested, check out this site:



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