On This Site You Will Find…

By | March 27, 2014

…notes and videos for painting lessons, art workshops, as well as demonstrations of drawing, sketching, perspective, painting in acrylic, watercolor, oils, design creativity. There are videos and other entries on model building, portfolio design and strategy, entry to architecture school, art school, and graduate design programs. There is material on setting up and promoting a design business.

You will find demonstrations on drawing the face and figure, painting the face and figure, urban design drawing, general design drawing for things such as interior design, garden design, landscape design and industrial design. Some of my greatest interests are anatomy and perspective (also blues and bluegrass music (;-) I have found that an excellent way to stay motivated and enjoy a subject is to teach it! This site receives over 600 visits a week from my former students and others, so I am pleased to see many people find value in these subjects, too.

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