‘Eraser -ism’ Rocky Cliff Cove 4 OF 4 Water Final {TAS May 4 2016}

By | June 5, 2016

A few points- Wear protective gloves because your hands are in the paint vs using regular brushes with handles.

I jumped past painting the trees here, because I am mostly trying to show use of the eraser lift outs in these videos.  Trees are fairly easy.

1 – The under-painting is important so think about which colors you want, but be creative – the colors in video are kind of dull.

2 – Don’t use medium in the under-painting or the second layer will tend to lock down too quickly when you try to erase through.

3 – Keep ‘spritzing’ with water before, during and after.

4 – I like white vinyl erasers best for this. You can slice and shape them, half-cut and tear them. I like the ‘rubbery-feel’ vinyl erasers give. This can also be done with cut credit cards, but with a different feel during execution. Try both!

I love doing this and try to get a ‘geological’ effect. I also did some more cool glazing over parts of the cliff faces to push those parts back in space and refined some of the rock masses with direct brush painting. This was a quick demo – I like to think I (and you) could do better if I took more time and care…especially with the waves. But, I do think the transparency works OK.

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