DOODLEPLAN, Design Dwg. Orthographic Exercise 1 OF 2

By | June 30, 2014

This is a very particular, MUST HAVE,   “skill-set” for designers – the discourse between plan and elevation (and ultimately 3d axo). It’s ‘drafting’, and yet it’s more than that. It is something you can become very adept at even though you haven’t gone through a full design process. It’s a bit like becoming very good at playing scales or a set of chords on a guitar so the skill will be well-developed when it comes time to apply it to a piece of music. Treat this as a fun game of doodling for a designer, or future designer. I sometimes refer to it as “orthodoodles” and you can find more videos on this on my site, also adding the skill of creating axonometric 3d drawings (axo’s) from these ortho views. DO IT – IT’S FUN!


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