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Painting Water

Water related subjects, waves, reflections, surfaces, pools and waterfalls have always been fascinating subjects. Here are some of my demonstrations. I will be doing a set of demos at Opus Artist Materials on Granville Island, Wed June 5, 2019.

Hi Tony, I would like to share the news with you about my applications to a masters of landscape architecture. I was offered admission to the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia and the University of Guelph, with generous entrance scholarships for each. I would like to thank you for advising me with my project in architectural modelling class and for all of your advice on portfolios and letters of intent. A substantial part of my portfolio consisted of pieces from your perspective drawing and architectural modelling classes. I’m sure that your suggestions and the skills you taught me helped to strengthen my submission. Kind regards, E.

We are all still here…

For the month of August, 2018, I was ‘Artist in Residence’ at the Shadbolt Center for the Arts, Burnaby BC.  I created a 15 foot by 3 foot painting on five wood panels. The theme was derived from the many reported ghost sightings in the buildings on the Deer Lake site.  It will be on… Read More »

“Tony’s Art School”  Shadbolt Center Burnaby

“Tony’s Art School”  Shadbolt Center Burnaby April 11 – a series of 8 Wednesdays: Drawing in Morning 10 am-1 pm. Painting (either acrylic or Watercolor) in PM  2 pm- 5 pm Call Shadbolt Center in Burnaby or email for details

Winner of ArtSlam 2018 !

I guess the name Art Slam says it all. Is winning better than losing in a speed painting contest? Oh well. It was all for charity. 18 people competed, 20 minute time limit, acrylics, any subject (no explicit nudity). I did a pair of boats in the first round and flamenco dancers for the finale.… Read More »

Teaching and Demonstrating

After graduating from art school (where no one demonstrated anything – no kidding!)  I took some drawing and painting classes with Canadian Painter (and War Artist) Sam Black. He was an awesome teacher.  In fact he won the Governor General’s Award for Teaching. At the center of his teaching method was the ‘demo’ . He… Read More »

Live Sketching Mixed Media at Shadbolt Center (May 7 2017)

Yesterday I drew  as a demonstration at the Shadbolt Center Burnaby for the “Rhododendron Festival”. Charcoal and pastels on office easel paper about 24 x 36. Hyped the colors a bit in P-Shop. The idea was to promote classes and participate in the Civic Festival representing the Shadbolt Center.  I always enjoy doing this type… Read More »

Congrats to this young woman! I am very happy for you! (Hard work to come, but just put one foot in front of the other – you’ll make it :)

Hi Tony, I am thrilled to tell you that I am accepted to the Master of Architecture program at UBC! I think this wouldn’t have happened without your support. Thank you so much for your advice, good feedback and all your support. I can’t appreciate enough. Best Regards,  Ms JJ

TAS Painting, Snowy Hillside Barn, Session 2 (vid 5 of 6) {Mar 2 2016}

This was essentially a watercolour demo. But,  I was demonstrating an acrylic version of the same painting in this session, jumping back and forth. That’s why the painting looks different from time to time – hope it’s  not too confusing. I didn’t finish the trees in the acrylic version(16 x 24 on canvas) – maybe… Read More »


I have been interested in doing some graphite work and might take it up before long. A friend, Bridged Lott, has taken it up also. Check her blog to see the result:      I have always done charcoal drawing, working with tonality, etc. Graphite seems a very different thing. I’ve done a little,… Read More »

Apply as early as you can!

Many or even most schools try to have some sort of numerical point system for adjudicating applications. There can be some near-ties. Guess what they might use to break the tie…Date of Application (seriously). Also, when you leave things to the last minute, there can be computer glitches on the part of the school and/or your references.… Read More »

“Truly the best tutorial website I’ve ever seen!” (Thank you G.F. !)

Dear Tony: First, a very Happy New Year!  (Jan 2016) In addition to seasonal good wishes, however, I’m writing in particular to send sincerest thanks for your very kind words and sympathetic assessment following my participation in your Fall semester perspective drawing class – really, I was quite blown away!  In my entire school career… Read More »

Nice Feedback! Thank you G.F. !

Tony O’Regan teaches techniques of drawing and painting which are user friendly and can be easily incorporated in the artist’s tool box of techniques, helpful for broadening creative expression. Tony’s Art School has empowered me in artist expression through his instruction of the fundamentals in drawing and painting. The techniques demonstrated and practiced in class… Read More »


Once in a while I go on a sketching expedition with the Urban Sketchers Meetup group. This time we sketched the Ceperley House at the Shadbolt Center – Summer 2015.


For the “ARTFARM DEMOS”, click on the Category tab “ARTFARM DEMOS persp & figure” (4th one down) at the right (or below if using a mobile device). ALWAYS click back on the Category tab to navigate because it’s possible to get lost among the videos. There are even more related videos under the “PERSPECTIVE” and “FACE AND FIGURE” Category… Read More »


Always use the ‘Category‘ tabs to the right (or below this on mobiles) to find your interest, such as, “Teaching – EMILY CARR CURRENT CDA” for Creative Drawing and Architecture, or “Teaching – EMILY CARR CURRENT PERSPECTIVE” for the Perspective for Art/Design course, or “Teaching – SHADBOLT CENTER” or “Teaching – THE GALLERY WHITE ROCK”, etc.  Note that… Read More »


I have assembled a group of perspective and other videos related to my workshops under the category: “SHADBOLT ART CENTRE WORKSHOP”.  The most recent workshop was May 31, 2015. To view that group of videos just click on that title on the categories list at the right. Always go back to the categories list to… Read More »

Much appreciated email from a student, Mar 31, 2015

Dear Tony, I just wanted to let you know that I drew 150 small scale figures, side view only. I also drew another 125 small scale figures, front, side, walking/jogging. The size ranged from 1/2 inch to 7 inches, average about 2 inches or less.  Now it is a part of me, like  you said. I really… Read More »