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Live Sketching Mixed Media at Shadbolt Center (May 7 2017)

Yesterday I drew  as a demonstration at the Shadbolt Center Burnaby for the “Rhododendron Festival”. Charcoal and pastels on office easel paper about 24 x 36. Hyped the colors a bit in P-Shop. The idea was to promote classes and participate in the Civic Festival representing the Shadbolt Center.  I always enjoy doing this type… Read More »

Gesture Drawing – Make your own Human Figure Manikin

Seeing-Drawing the ‘gesture’ is a fundamental skill in being able to draw a human figure. I teach drawing at Emily Carr and elsewhere and developed a sequence for correctly scaling a gesture so as not to ‘go off the page” in life drawing. Here are some pix of an 11 inch aluminum wire sculpture armature… Read More »

Faces, Scale Figures & Perspective for Life Drawing (5 videos) {Nov 2016}

There are two main ways of approaching the figure. They complement each other. One is OBSERVATION (Life drawing or copying reference photos). The other is CONSTRUCTION  (Using scale and proportion methods to create a figure with little or no references). The two can and should be used together for a full skillset. Both depend on  the… Read More »

Architecture & Model Making for Teens Up & the Young at Art

Architecture & Model Making for Teens Up & the Young at Art Summer 2016  – Shadbolt Center Burnaby BC (15 and up, way up) August 2nd to 5th   (10:00-3:00) (4 days) Teens and the young at art of any age learn some of the basic hands-on design studio skills for architecture. By collaborating with other students we… Read More »


This is a demo of two main ways of placing figures in perspective for contexts, like a room, architecture, or plaza, etc….These methods are usually referred to as “Clothesline” and ” Measuring Wall”.  Also see post: “COMPOSING GROUPS OF FIGURES FOR STREET SCENES”


Often you want to place figures and clusters of figures in an area like a street or plaza. This image shows how I think of it in terms of composition. Of course, you also want to think of  activities, such as walking to and fro or at angles, male, female, kids, walking away or toward the viewer, standing, sitting,… Read More »

Day One – PERSPECTIVE OVERVIEW – 1 Of 5 {apr 28 2016}

“TAS” stands for “Tony’s Art School” offered at the Shadbolt Center, Burnaby BC, Canada. This is video 1 of 5 giving a fairly concise demonstration of Basic Perspective Drawing Principles. There are many more perspective videos within the “Teaching EMILY CARR CURRENT PERSPECTIVE” Category.

TAS BRIDGED’S BEACH Watercolor-1 of 1 {FEB 2016}

This vid is a quick watercolor sketch demo at The Shadbolt Center as part of Tony’s Art School drawing course spring 2016. The subject is a Lummi Island, Washington beach scene provided by my friend, Bridged L., who will be opening a gallery there in the near future!

TAS Shadbolt Drawing students might review the following videos after session 2 (Jan 27, 2016)

TAS Shadbolt Drawing students might review the following videos in this  Category after session 2 (Jan 27, 2016) Could paste into “search” or scroll through the vids in this Category: OVERVIEW DEMONSTRATION, TEN WAYS OF SEEING AND DRAWING PT 1 (30 min) (Tap for Video) OVERVIEW DEMONSTRATION TEN WAYS OF SEEING AND DRAWING PT 2… Read More »

Composition for Painting, Drawing, and other Aesthetic Endeavors

These notes usually accompany an illustrated lecture. These 4 vids under category “Teaching – EMILY CARR CURRENT CDA Fall 2015”    may also interest you: Day 7 CDA Ecuad Composition Drawing-Painting (1 Of 4) {Oct 31 2015} Day 7 CDA Ecuad Composition Drawing-Painting (2 Of 4) {Oct 31 2015} Day 7 CDA Ecuad Composition Drawing-Painting (3… Read More »

“Truly the best tutorial website I’ve ever seen!” (Thank you G.F. !)

Dear Tony: First, a very Happy New Year!  (Jan 2016) In addition to seasonal good wishes, however, I’m writing in particular to send sincerest thanks for your very kind words and sympathetic assessment following my participation in your Fall semester perspective drawing class – really, I was quite blown away!  In my entire school career… Read More »

Nice Feedback! Thank you G.F. !

Tony O’Regan teaches techniques of drawing and painting which are user friendly and can be easily incorporated in the artist’s tool box of techniques, helpful for broadening creative expression. Tony’s Art School has empowered me in artist expression through his instruction of the fundamentals in drawing and painting. The techniques demonstrated and practiced in class… Read More »

Tony’s Art School at the Shadbolt – SPRING 2016

  Tony’s Art School  at the Shadbolt Center These classes feature detailed demonstration and clear instruction. Lessons can be reviewed on Tony’s video website for practice at home. Students build tools to heighten their artistic abilities in Drawing and Painting  AND are presented with a much coveted and artist’s bio enhancing  (:-) Certificate from the… Read More »