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A Composition Technique

Composition is, of course, an important skill to develop. Many books have been written on the subject. DaVinci is reported to have recommended that young painters look at mold stains on the walls and try to see landscapes. This is sometimes referred to as ‘forced’ or re-purposed composition. Henry Rankin Poore wrote on it in… Read More »

ERASER – ISM , or in this case SCRAPER – ISM, paintings by Dianne Longson

We have had a lot of fun doing paintings by scraping out. With Acrylics we use a white vinyl eraser ( preparing the surface by under-painting with titanium white). With Watercolors we use a cut up credit card) preparing the surface by under-painting with gum arabic before painting). Tony O’ Hi Tony, you may recall… Read More »

Shadbolt Center “Boat in Lake” Concept Overview – COLOR AS TONE – Oct 19, 2017

Getting a little bored with simple realism? As the title suggests, here is a way of seeing and painting called “Color as Tone”, sometimes called ‘arbitrary color’. Actually the hue may be arbitrary, but the tones or tonal value shapes are not. I am sure that we all, at some stage of our painting development,… Read More »

Reflections Sailboat Mirror Studies

People have asked if reflections should be longer, shorter, or the same as the actual object. The annoying answer is “It depends.” I made a little sailboat (about 3 inches high) by carving a white vinyl eraser and making a sail by cutting a credit card, painting it white and drawing a curve with a… Read More »

Live Sketching Mixed Media at Shadbolt Center (May 7 2017)

Yesterday I drew  as a demonstration at the Shadbolt Center Burnaby for the “Rhododendron Festival”. Charcoal and pastels on office easel paper about 24 x 36. Hyped the colors a bit in P-Shop. The idea was to promote classes and participate in the Civic Festival representing the Shadbolt Center.  I always enjoy doing this type… Read More »

Sailboats In Watercolor Using Rubber Masking 1 0f 5 WRSS Club {Jul 14 2016}

This was a demo-lesson in basic watercolor done late at night when I was a little tired!  But, it uses some interesting techniques. First, I show it as a ‘paint-around’, then as a ‘liquid rubber-resist method’. (I used ‘Pebeo’ brand but there are many others). Then I used FW Acrylic Ink for the ‘whites’ to… Read More »

Some Important Concepts for Watercolor

Some Important Concepts for Watercolor     Tony O’Regan             Video Website:   These are a few of the principles to become aware of and to master in watercolor. They exist in all painting mediums. They are somewhat special in watercolor, partly because of its ‘transparent’ nature. It is necessary to plan the execution – a… Read More »


Can you see that I used the exact same process for all these pictures? No Kidding: Identify the LIGHTS, all else becomes MID-TONE, add DARKS, finally, add DETAIL. Read on below the pictures – and read the ‘Step-by Step Post’ re each picture – Blossoms, Apple, Sailboat, Girl  🙂 I am putting up individual posts that… Read More »


ALWAYS wear protective gloves when your hands are directly in the paint. Scraping-out  or scraping-in is an old technique for achieving interesting lines and forms, different from the effects from a brush. Here I used cheapo white vinyl erasers which can be sliced, or even cut partially and broken,  to achieve a variety of edges/effects.