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Thank you K.G. – Teachers love to hear from appreciative students. Good Luck!

Hi Tony, Thank you so much for your reference letter. I received the offer from UBC Environmental Design Program!  Your courses really helped with my portfolio. Especially the museum  project, it made my portfolio stronger and more complete.  Additionally, remember you persuaded me from quitting the application last time we met in the hallway? You… Read More »

Architecture & Model Making for Teens Up & the Young at Art

Architecture & Model Making for Teens Up & the Young at Art Summer 2016  – Shadbolt Center Burnaby BC (15 and up, way up) August 2nd to 5th   (10:00-3:00) (4 days) Teens and the young at art of any age learn some of the basic hands-on design studio skills for architecture. By collaborating with other students we… Read More »

A very successful Architecture applicant! Congratulations!

Hi Tony, I would like to update you on the status of my applications to grad school for architecture and landscape architecture. I am overjoyed to inform you that I received letters of acceptance to both University of Toronto (MLA) and University of British Columbia (MLA & MArch). In addition, UBC included a generous entrance… Read More »

THE JOY OF PERSUASION – Techniques of Design Presentation

“A brief, but valuable statement/restatement of behavioral and communication skills. Thank you!”  Comment from S. A leader is the person with a plan – a person with a plan will be the leader – leaders often make more money. If you like that idea – read on.  If you are a designer you will have to  present –… Read More »

Good news from a recent student, July 29, 2015 –

Matt just sent me this note – congratulations! Matt took several courses from me – Garden Design, Perspective, Building Architectural Models and Maquettes.  ( Now the work really begins! )- “Hi Tony,   Just wanted to let you know that i was accepted to the MLA program at Guelph. I want to thank you for all… Read More »

Accepted Carleton Architecture! Congrats…(click title) (If you follow this link you will find many examples of architecture and other portfolios.) Hello Tony,    This is Guillermo. I was enrolled in 3 of your courses at Emily Carr in the fall term, I would like to thank you for helping me develop my skills in architecture.  I received my letter… Read More »

ACCEPTED TO UBC ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL! (Click title – link to portfolio below)

Congrats on your acceptance! (I just got this note from a recent student today. Jordan took several of my architecture related model-building, design, and drawing courses, all represented in his portfolio) :    Hey Tony!  I found out today that I was accepted into the UBC architecture program for this coming Fall. I could not… Read More »


  1 – Refer to the student work above. Try to be casual, but still somewhat planned in layout…try for the old “simultaneous loose-tight” feel. No one cares for completely careless work, nor for overly slick presentations. “ Too clever is dumb.” It is important to think in terms of ‘marketing’:  Your objective is to present… Read More »

Accepted to 3 Architecture Grad Schools (click title)

This is why people teach! We love hearing that our students have used our classes to achieve their personal  goals. A recent ECUAD Continuing Studies student consented to  publish her email here. Note that she applied to several schools. You pretty much have to do that these days – it’s getting so competitive: Hello Tony! After one week of grad… Read More »